Better Bereavement for All:
A Human Response for
the Business World

Equip your leaders to support teammates through loss with software, leadership training, and a 24/7 grief support platform.

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How Can We Help?

Grief is complex. So is running the business while employees are on leave. We take care of everything with layers of support - put an internal game plan in place, store all documents and procedures on one platform and guide you through the proven best steps.




Employer Brand

Manager Platform

Your place to turn when a teammate experiences a loss.
The platform includes self-guided content, community access, tools and resources to guide your team through tough times, and also on-demand support from bereavement care team.

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Platform for Employees

Bereaved employees spend an average of 1-hour per workday closing out personal affairs and estate duties. Why's that you ask?

Because it can take over 400 hours during several months to complete these duties.  

The Bereave platform makes it easier for employees to manage these tasks efficiently which results in increased engagement & productivity while at work.  

See it in Action
  • 24/7/365 grief support
    resources and content

  • Guides on how to plan a funeral, close personal-estates, legal & admin help

  • Shareable with friends & family

Your hands are full

Fourty two percent of HR professionals feel they don't have enough time to complete all of their tasks. 

Bereavement never shows up at a convenient time. But it is inevitable. Your employees deserve the proper support during a difficult time but how does that happen with an already full workload? 

Let us be your bereavement partner. Bereave saves you time by preparing and guiding your team through your bereavement response.

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Thank you for opening our eyes to the possibilities of enhancing our benefit package to our employees by supporting the HR team with resources."
Sharon B.
Director of HR  
Your services provide a much needed benefit we didn't know we were missing."
Joyce G.
VP of People

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