Supporting a friend or family member after loss. 

Many people don't know what to do or say to someone who is mourning a loss. But your support matters. Having family and friends reach out can help a person who is grieving feel supported and loved. Below you'll find tips and best practices for supporting somebody in a time of need.

Ways to Support. 

When a friend loses a loved one, we want to say and/or do anything that we can to help them. Unfortunately, grief doesn’t work that way; there are no magic words and nothing that we say can make the pain disappear. Instead, use the guide below to be as helpful and understanding as you can, without overstepping or offending.

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  • It's better to say anything than nothing at all.

  • Consider how the person prefers to communicate.

  • Give them space.

  • Listen and talk about the person who passed away.

  • Help them seek additional support.

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