Guest: Scott Arogeti, Founder & COO of SupportNow

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Scott joined our Loss Leaders webinar series to discuss how we can coordinate support for teammates during their difficult times. SupportNow helps supporters provide relief to families and friends - through a single online experience, supporters can direct their compassion in meaningful ways including giving money, sending food and volunteering time or energy.

Supporting Those In Need:Ongoing Support: The conversation highlights the need for continuous assistance, discussing how support should extend beyond the initial period.
The importance of understanding individual preferences and context is emphasized.

Challenging Milestones: Acknowledgment of tough milestones for individuals facing loss, suggesting supportive actions during holidays and significant anniversaries. Recognizing the emotional impact of these occasions is crucial.

Campaign for Moms: Explanation of a recent campaign from SupportNow providing financial support ($1,000) to young moms facing severe diagnoses. The goal is to help them at scale, with plans for ongoing initiatives and involvement of social media influencers.

Combining Business and Impact: The conversation highlights the platform’s mission to both succeed as a business and make a positive impact. The recent campaign supporting young moms aligns with this mission, demonstrating tangible efforts to provide assistance.

SupportNow Platform:

Platform Flexibility:
SupportNow doesn’t have a set expiration date for support registries, allowing for adaptability based on varying needs as time progresses.
Diverse Initiators: Insights into the varied personalities of those initiating support registries. The conversation recognizes that anyone, including family, friends, or colleagues, may take on this role, with an emphasis on evolving involvement.
Platform Ease: Overview of the platform’s simplicity and user-friendliness. Creating a support registry is described as a quick process, taking about 20-30 seconds, and involves minimal effort.
Democratization of Support: Reference to the concept of the “democratization of support,” allowing for simple acts of assistance without the need for formal registries. Scott emphasizes that they are basing their next feature releases on the feedback they get from their customers.
Demographic Trends: Confirmation of expected demographic trends among platform users, specifically focusing on moms in their 30s and 40s who are socially media-savvy. This demographic is identified as a prevalent user group.

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