Guest: Mahima Chawla, CEO, Cocoon

Mahima covered a ton in a short amount of time! Here’s the TLDW; (or you could just hit play!) 

Mission and Compassion:
Cocoon’s CEO emphasizes the importance of leading with compassion in the workplace and making compassionate policies public for adoption.

Cocoon’s Platform:
Cocoon, an employee leave software platform, empowers individuals to manage various leaves effectively, fostering a culture of compassion.

Daily Actions for Compassion:
Building a compassionate culture involves daily actions like publicizing leave policies, creating kudos channels, and providing a social budget for employee events.

Authenticity in the Workplace:
Employees are encouraged to show up authentically, intertwining work and personal life positively.

Employee Leave Management:
The discussion highlights the significance of getting employee leave right, ensuring awareness, and easy access to benefits.

Current Leave Trends:
Trends include longer parental leave, diverse leave types, and caregiver leave policies, driven by national dialogue and increased awareness of life pressures.

Open-Source Leave Policy:
Cocoon’s CEO discusses an open-source policy covering various situations, reflecting the company’s deep mission and commitment to a compassionate culture. Continuous feedback collection is a key aspect of culture improvement.

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