Guest: Julie Barker, CEO of Cultivate Talent and Fractional HR Partner

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Julie shares valuable insights into navigating the complexities of leave policies, particularly in smaller teams. In this interview, she discusses the importance of aligning policies with company values, balancing individual and team considerations, and the pivotal role managers play in fostering positive leave experiences.

Crafting Policies Aligned with Values:
- Emphasis on aligning leave policies with the company’s core values, using trust as an
  illustrative example.
- Exploring the idea that a well-crafted leave policy should reflect and reinforce the values
  that the company upholds.

Balancing Support for the Person and Impact on the Team:
- Recognizing the need to strike a balance between supporting the individual on leave and
  considering the broader impact on the team, especially in smaller settings.
- Acknowledging that crafting effective leave policies involves a thoughtful approach that
  addresses both individual needs and team dynamics.

Manager’s Role and Feedback:
- Highlighting the pivotal role of managers in shaping positive leave experiences for
- Emphasizing the importance of seeking feedback from both managers and employees to
  continuously improve leave policies.

Financial Considerations and Business Case:
- Discussing the financial aspects of leave policies and the need for scalability.
- Pointing out that businesses need to consider the long-term sustainability and scalability
  of their leave offerings.

Positive Business Impact of Well-Designed Leave Policies:
- Expanding on the positive business impact of having thoughtfully designed leave policies.
- Addressing how employee retention and loyalty can increase when individuals feel
  supported during significant life events.

Success Story – Pregnancy Loss Inclusion:
- Sharing a success story of a company adding pregnancy loss to their bereavement leave
- Illustrating how this inclusive policy led to increased psychological safety, with a team    
  member feeling supported and comfortable sharing personal experiences.

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