Guest: Faith Holloway, Program Lead, Compassionate Employers’ Program, Hospice UK

Faith covered a ton in a short amount of time! Here’s the TLDW;
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5 best characteristics of great bereavement policies:

Simplified Bereavement Policies:
Best policies are standalone, concise, and provide clear, formulaic information.
Ensures quick and accurate understanding for both employees and managers.

Humanizing Policies:
Organizations should use warm, friendly language in policies.Reading policies aloud and incorporating flexibility can make policies more empathetic.

Compassionate and Flexible Leave Policies:
Importance of compassionate and flexible leave policies in modern workplaces.Recognition of non-traditional family structures and trusting employees.

Complexity of Bereavement Leave:
Importance of clear policies for bereavement leave in modern workplaces. Challenges in defining relationships' closeness; communication and trust are crucial.

Supporting Employees with Family Situations:
Emphasis on trusting culture, open policies, and communication. Suggested flexible approach for understanding and accommodating personal needs during difficult times.

Also covered:

Supporting Team Members through Grief:
Line managers struggle with supporting teams through grief.Focus on practical solutions, tangible resources, and ensuring long-term impact on organizational culture.

Reimagining Bereavement Policies:
Senior leaders seek proactive and timely bereavement support.Quick adaptation and simplified policies can provide timely assistance.People are already taking the time. Businesses just don’t realize it or get credit for having a great policy + return strategy in place.

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