Guest: Ashley Herd, Founder of Manager Method, Speaker, Podcast Host

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Ashley Herd is the Founder & CEO of Manager Method, providing practical and tactical manager 101 foundation training. Ashley is both a former Head of HR and General Counsel, giving her a unique perspective on the workplace.

Managerial Training
Challenges: Lack of formal training for new managers is a common challenge, leading to potential issues in handling difficult situations.

Positive Impact of Manager Training: Proper manager training positively impacts business outcomes, including revenue, retention, and employee engagement.

Risks of Poor Managerial Response: Poorly managed responses during tough times can lead to litigation, negative social media exposure, and employee dissatisfaction.

Best Practices
Emphasis on the human aspect of management since a direct manager’s response to personal crises significantly influences an employee’s well-being.

Advocate for proactive conversations within teams about supporting each other during personal challenges to create a psychologically safe environment. This leads to a culture of trust, supporting teams, addressing personal challenges, and fostering psychological safety.

Have clear communication about roles and responsibilities when supporting team members facing personal crises.

Provide ongoing support for individuals returning from bereavement leave and balancing team and company needs.

Challenges of Remote Conversations: suggests proactive measures, in-person meetups, and understanding diverse communication preferences. Recommended to script and prepare for remote interactions to ensure empathy and support are effectively conveyed.

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